SopFeel® - The Beauty Queen Kit

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Package includes:

6 color Eye Shadow Palette x1
12 color eyeshadow palette x1
15 color Concealer x1
15 color Mini Lip Gloss Palette x1
Eyebrow x2
Mascara x1
Lipstick x3
Lip Gloss x3
10 pcs Makeup Brushes Set x1
Makeup Puff x2
Full Cover Concealer x3
Concealer Stick x1
Cosmetic Bag x1

SopFeel Beauty is a Young French Cosmetics Brand, based in Paris the Fashion & Beauty Capital of the World.

But that does not mean that they don’t take inspiration from the other great Beauty Meccas around the world. With collections inspired all around the world, Sopfeel Beauty has taken a step unto the global make up scene. A lifelong fascination with fashion and design, has made Sopfeel first of all a student of the industry. And every collection from lipsticks to eye shadow palette starts with intense research of materials, styles, trends, and traditions.

“Beauty is not in the face. beauty is a light in the heart. ”   

Perfection and Engineering has always gone hand-in-hand.  With high quality and trending materials in hand, the research shifts to the designs themselves. That led to collections paying tribute to Women’s Beauty. Or the undeniable connection between Parisian Haute Couture and attention to fine details.

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